Registration of Distinctive Signs

What is a distinctive sign?

It is any element that identifies your product or service with your business origin.

What kind of distinctive signs can you register?

  • Trademarks (goods and services)
  • Collective Mark
  • Certification Mark
  • Business Name
  • Slogan
  • Denomination of Origin
  • Geographical Indications
  • Traditional Specialties Guaranteed

Registration of works

What is a work?

It is any human creation that has originality, which can be disclosed or copied in any form, known or to be known.

What kind of Works can be registered?

  • Software
  • Artistic works
  • Works of applied art (sculptures, craftwork, photographs, paintings, designs, engravings, choreographies, among others)
  • Audiovisual Works and productions (films, novels, short films, or any type of moving image recordings).
  • Artistic performances
  • Literary work
  • Databases and compilations
  • Phonograms

Registration of patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, plant varieties

What is an invention?

It is any creation, design, and manufacture of a product or process in all fields of technology.

What kind of inventions can be registered?

  • Patents
  • Utility models
  • Industrial designs
  • Protection certificates
  • Collective knowledge of indigenous peoples
  • Layout-designs of integrated circuits
  • Plant breeder's certificates

Intellectual property enforcement

Owning an intellectual property right allows you to have exclusivity in its exploitation and use. Likewise, you can license, franchise, and receive royalties. You can also prohibit unauthorized third parties from using it.

Therefore, it is important to have an innovative and easy-to-execute strategy for the protection of your rights.

What are the legal ways to protect your intellectual property rights?

  • Claims before the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI)
  • Claims before the Public Prosecutor´s Office
  • Claims before Criminal Court (Compensation for damages)
  • Claims in social networks (e-commerce)
  • Actions on digital platforms

Trademark Renewal and Modifying Acts

We manage the renewal of your trademarks, make changes of ownership or update the information in the INDECOPI database, as well as the registration of license agreements, franchises, among others.

Legal assistance in Intellectual Property related matters

We assist you in the negotiation, licensing, strategy design to improve the usage and protection of your intangible asset; drafting of contracts in matters related to trademarks (licenses of use, franchises, among others), works (contracts for the use of proprietary rights with suppliers that will participate in the execution of your work, among others), inventions (technology transfer contracts, patent exploitation contracts, utility models, plant varieties, among others), or any action that involves your intellectual property.